Skill Development Opportunities

We offer a variety of workshops tailored to your leadership and skill development needs. Here are just some of the major topics that we cover in our workshops and training sessions.

  • Effective management and leadership
  • Win-win negotiation strategy
  • Effective English business presentations (for Japanese executives)
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Logical thinking and critical thinking

Our workshops can be held in a variety of lengths and formats depending on desired level of skill acquisition and time availability.


Training + Coaching = Skill Retention

Training by itself is not enough for a newly learned skill to be retained or used effectively in the workplace.  New skills need to be practiced repeatedly outside of the classroom in order to be retained and used effectively. For this reason, we combine classroom learning with on-the-job coaching and consultation.  Our workshops go beyond the classroom, to where work is actually done and results achieved.

Contact us to see how we can create a custom made solution for your skill development needs.