Our Services

Executive Coaching

Whether you are looking for a better way to engage your team, shooting for better results, want to get more out of your expat assignment, or simply want a sounding board for new ideas, we are here to help. We offer executive coaching services in English and Japanese, with a focus on supporting English speaking expatriates in Japan as well as global minded Japanese executives. Click here for more details.

Coach Training

Coaching is an essential skill for all modern day managers.  Managers equipped with coaching skills have been proven to significantly improve employee engagement, motivation, retention, and most importantly, business results.  We offer a comprehensive coach training program for managers who want to become better motivators and better leaders, particularly in today’s diverse and fast paced environment. Click here for more.

Business Communication

Effective presentations and smart negotiations should be a part of every business professional’s toolbox.  We focus on helping Japanese executives approach English presentations and negotiations with a new level of confidence.  We help establish a clear set of objectives, facilitate the development of an effective strategy and ensure sound execution.  Click here to read more.


Workshops are the entry point into the development of key business and leadership skills. Learning through effective workshops, combined with real world practice and application, result in the retention of the key skills required to be successful. We offer a variety of workshops ranging from presentation skills, negotiation strategy, to logical thinking and decision making. Click here to learn more about our workshops.