Coach Training

Why coaching?
  • Would you like to see your teams and employees more focused and driven? 
  • Do you feel that your teams and employees are not achieving their full potential?
  • Do people in your organization constantly need to be given directions? 
  • Does your organization have an employee turnover issue?
  • Do managers in your organization find it challenging to manage culturally diverse teams?

If any of these apply, your organization could benefit from adopting coaching as an employee development and management approach.

More and more companies are encouraging managers to employ coaching techniques in day-to-day employee development. A coaching approach, if executed well, has many benefits. It allows employees to think and learn on the job. Employees develop the habit of thinking for themselves, becoming more self-sufficient in solving problems. This ultimately leads to a more effective and efficient organization.

Companies with a coaching culture typically have motivated employees with higher job satisfaction, resulting in higher employee retention. Good coaching develops the base for a “thinking organization,” which is critical in navigating through times of fast change.


A coach training program to help managers become better leaders

At Progressus, we offer coach training programs that focus specifically on helping managers become better leaders within their organizations.

Many coach training programs teach generic coaching techniques which are designed to develop pure coaches. Instead, we focus on helping managers employ coaching techniques to become more effective in their day-to-day roles.

We are uniquely different in the following areas:

  1. Focus on using coaching technique as a management and development tool
  2. Attention toward how and when to use coaching versus other approaches
  3. Coaching and managing in a diverse environment

As with mentoring or any other method of employee development, there is an “appropriate time and place” for coaching. In our coach training, we not only cover how to apply good coaching technique, but when.

We also shed light on cultural differences that may come into play, especially between expats and local Japanese management.

Our coach training can be held in a variety of formats and lengths depending on the level of coaching proficiency desired. Workshops are offered in English, Japanese, or a mixture of both.

Contact us to discuss how we can help introduce a coaching culture into your organization.